as nature intended

The overuse of antibiotics in meat production threatens public health. But consumers and supermarkets can help change that.

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90% of consumer meats come from factory farms

Factory farming contributes to many environmental problems

How factory farming is destroying our ecosystem

Soil and water

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gas emission

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Straining our
natural resources

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Overuse of

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Our Mission

Our mission is to end the use of antibiotics on animals so that 
we can preserve it to treat real human illnesses. Our primary 
goal is to create a demand for sustainable meat that is good 
for the environment, our health and the well being of animals.

Interactive Packaging

The Grazed campaign has partnered with farmers that meet the standards of 100% sustainable meat production. The campaign will provide interactive meat packagings to farmers so consumers can track the origin of the meat they’re purchasing.


Certifications are issued through rigorous inspections. The inspections are done frequently to ensure farms are consistently meeting our guidelines.

Meet our participating farms

Our farms operate under a set of protocols that put land, animal, and 
human health and safety first. Our on-site audits ensure farm compliance.

Grazed Meat Locator

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Good Life Grocery

1524 2oth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Real Food Company

13060 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123