About the project

Given the task of creating a wayfinding product, I came up with this virtual concierge specifically for Hotel Vitale, a San Francisco boutique hotel, to add value to the business. Hotel Vitale is a boutique hotel located in San Francisco. The virtual concierge will help hotel guests find their way around San Francisco and will live in a tablet-like device located in each hotel room.


When people visit new cities, they often plan their trip by consulting review and recommendation sites like Yelp. This takes a lot of manual effort on the visitor’s part sifting through the reviews for each activity.


The home base of every traveler is the hotel, so having a virtual concierge in each room will allow users to have a tailored experience. The virtual concierge will curate an activity package based on the mood of the user. Users will take a quiz to convey their mood. Users can sync the information to their phones to reference when they’re out exploring.

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